tirsdag 23. februar 2016

Day 2 of the 30 day drawing challenge

Still going strong! Today was a lot of fun, because I got to draw my favorite animal!
What's yours? :)

Day 2 - draw your favorite animal 

My favorite kind of animal is the CAT! And my favorite breed is of course, the Maine Coon! That's why this lovely kitty has tufts on it's ears. I outlined this illustration with pigment liner from Staedler, and colored it with Copic Ciao markers and Promarkers.

I absolutely adore cats, and I'm known as the crazy cat lady among my friends and family.  I guess it's because I'm quite obsessed with these cute felines! They just have so much personality, and I love the relationship you can have with them. They just show so much affection, like how my cats absolutely love taking naps with me on the couch. And how fun is it to watch funny or cute videos of cats online you guys? I'm pretty sure everyone and their moms has done that at least once!  What's not to love about cats??

I could probably go on for days about cats, but as this isn't a cat blog, but an art blog I'll stop myself right there ;) But I'm sure this isn't the first and last time I talk about cats, just so you know.

I also made an instagram account, be sure to check that out as well: jea.draws 

Have a great Tuesday cuties!

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