torsdag 25. februar 2016

Day 4 - I want to stay here all day

We're at day 4 already, and today we're talking about favorite places!  I find it hard picking favorites, because I have a lot of stuff I love and enjoy. I guess I just appreciate a lot of things.  But I was able to pick today as well, and I hope you enjoy today's challenge illustration :)

Day 4 - draw your favorite place 

I love my couch. Like this corner in my living room is my most favorite place in the entire world. I can draw here, read books, watch movies and shows. I can sleep on it, with my cats (they are usually not allowed in my bedroom). And of course I can spend time with my amazing boyfriend on it. I can do all my favorite things, right here. I'm a real home body, but I do have other favorite places. 

As usual, I used pigment liner from Steadler to line the drawing, Copic Ciao and Promarkers for color. I also colored in the couch itself with Photoshop. 

I tried making the lines and colors more organic and natural, and not being so picky about making it look perfect. But more like it has this hand drawn/made feel to it. 

Have a great Thursday cuties! Just one more day until the weekend starts!