lørdag 5. mars 2016

Motivation found;in the cutest neighbor

There's  no excuse really. Challenges are hard. They challenge you. and sometimes, they can be harder than they look.

I will continue the 30 day drawing challenge, but the last couple of days I've actually been drawing just for me, and what I wanted to draw. Not what I had to draw.  Sometimes I find it important to do artistic stuff just for you, especially when it's just a hobby. It makes it easier to keep the motivation going, and that's very important for me right now, since I have just started doing art again.  Of course, finishing what you started, and not giving up on a project is important as well! Even if you're just doing it for fun! Keep pushing yourself.

I hope you guys will forgive my little faux pas, and I will share a little of what I made instead of the challenge art. I also made a little something with a tip for watercolor that I will post in the near future, that I hope you guys will enjoy and find helpful :)

- Totoro <3

I painted this entirely with watercolors from Winsor Newton. The outline was also made with paint and a brush.  Which is really challenging, but I learned a lot from my mistakes. And I just love working with watercolors again after such a long hiatus :)

And don't worry, we will pick up the challenge.

Have an AMAZING weekend, and a great Saturday cuties! I know I will.

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