mandag 29. februar 2016

Day 7 - Flying castles, witches and wizards

Day 7 - Draw your favorite movie 

Howl's Moving Castle. Amazing piece of cinema, if you ask me. Magic, curses, witches and wizards. A magical castle and demons. War and love. What more could a girl ask for? Well, unicorns can't have it all.  I've always loved animated movies. They have always been my favorites. I , as everyone else, grew up with Disney movies. The first one I remember is The Little Mermaid, and when I went to see The Lion King at the movies. Disney was and is great, but as I grew older and stumbled into the world of Japanese animation it can't really compare. Studio Ghibli movies are absolutely breathtaking. The animation, the artwork, the stories. In my opinion, they're just perfect. I love their movies, especially the ones directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  In reality I should have done a whole Ghibli tribute, but I decided to just pick one for the challenge. 

For this illustration I used watercolors. I haven't painted in a long time, so it was both fun and a challenge. I used my trusty Winsor Newton travel kit, which is almost 20 years old (that says something about the quality you guys!) . You can't get this exact one, with the exact colors, but this one is almost just the same: WATER COLOURS DELUXE SKETCHERS' POCKET BOX
And of course, I lined it with my trusty pigment liner from Staedler. 

This was a great way to start my week, and I hope you had a great start to yours as well :) 

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